Wilkes Barre Rocks



10 Climber Self Belay Package:

Wilkes Barre Rocks welcomes groups. This package is for groups of 10 climbers or more where you can belay each other. Groups are scheduled for a 3-hour time slot in the gym. The group rate is $22 per climber. This price includes a harness and three hours of gym time. It does not include optional climbing shoes, a chalk bag or the mandatory one-time belay test ($5). Belayers must pass the belay test. Climbers may choose to climb in sneakers or hiking boots. No barefoot climbing. Rental shoes must be worn with socks. Children under 16 cannot belay, so you may want to bring a couple adults to belay if you are bringing kids. We recommend at least one belayer for every four climbers. The gym does not provide belayers without special arrangements. With advance notice, the gym can provide staff to belay for $15 per hour per belayer. All climbers must sign a liability release waiver.


  5 7 0 - 8 2 4 - 7 6 3 3 H O M E