Wilkes Barre Rocks




Michael Pezzuto

Climbers Beware!!! Hi. My name is Mike and I'm warning anyone that comes and hangs out, climbs, boulders, or does whatever it is you like doing (like playing chess), you're immediately going to get hooked on the new and adventurous sport of Rock Climbing!!! Whether it's being out on the big walls, sending hard sport routes, or just following your bouldering instinct; it's doing what you love and having fun doing it!!! Ok so how long does it take to get good? As long as it takes you to decide that you are going to work hard at it! Then success will come! I've been climbing for 5 years now and I love it more and more every day!!! Start indoors or out; it doesn't matter. Get into the sport and find out what is so awesome about Rock Climbing!!!


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